Store Opening Times

Please find a list of the stores located in Meadowlane Shopping Centre and their opening times below:

Dunnes Stores: Mon-Wed:9am-6pm Thurs-Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Iceland: Mon-Wed:9am-6pm Thurs-Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am -6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Shoe Zone: Mon-Fri:9am-5.30pm Sat:9am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Sara: Mon-Wed:9am-5.30pm Thurs-Sat:9am-6pm Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-5.30pm

O2: Mon-Tues:9am-5.30pm Wed:9am-8pm Thurs-Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Vogue: Mon-Thurs:10am-5pm Fri-Sat:9.30am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Boots: Mon-Tue:9am-5.30pm Wed:9am -8pm Thurs-Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am – 5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Card Factory: Mon-Tues:9am-6pm Wed:9am-8pm Thurs-Fri:9am-8pm Sat:9am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-6pm

The Kiosk: Mon-Tues:8.30am-6pm Wed:8.30am-8pm Thurs-Fri:8.30am-9pm Sat:8.30am-6pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Viva Cafe: Currently closed due to NI Executive restrictions

Montgomerys: Mon-Wed:10am-6pm Thurs – Fri:10am – 9pm Sat:10am -6pm Sun: 1pm-6pm

Day Fresh: Mon-Thurs:9am-5.30pm Fri:9am – 8pm Sat:9am -5.30pm Sun:1pm-6pm

Bells Butchers: Mon-Thurs-9am-5pm Fri-Sat: 9am-6pm Sun: 1pm-6pm

Munchies: Currently closed due to NI Executive restrictions

Gems: Mon-Sat:10am-5.00pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Timpsons: Mon-Sat:9.30am-5.30pm Sun: CLOSED

Poundland: Mon-Tue:8.30am-6pm Wed:8.30am-8pm Thurs-Fri:8.30am-9pm Sat:8.30am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

New Look: Mon-Wed:9am-5.30pm Thurs:9am-9pm Fri:9am-5.30pm Sat:9.30am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Trespass: Mon-Thurs: 9am-5.30pm Fri:9am-9pm Sat:9am-6pm Sun:1pm-6pm

River Island: Mon-Wed:10am-5.30pm Thurs-Fri:10am-7pm Sat:9am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5.30pm

Promobile: Mon-Sat:10am -5.30pm Sun:1pm-5.30pm

Semichem: Mon-Wed:9.30am-5.30pm Thurs-Fri:9.30am-8pm Sat:9.30am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Holland &Barrett: Mon-Wed:9am-5.30pm Thurs-Fri: 9am-9pm Sat:9am-5.30pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Costa Coffee: Open for takeaway only – Mon-Wed:8.30am-6pm Thurs – Fri:8.30am-8.30pm Sat:8.30am-6pm Sun:1pm-5pm

Mitra’s Brow Bar: Mon-Tues:10am-5.30pm Wed:10am-7pm Thurs-Fri:10am-8pm Sat:10.30am-5.30pm Sun: CLOSED

Please note during COVID-19 store opening times are subject to change. Please keep an eye out for any further updates and always check the store opening times before making any trips to the centre.